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Grupo de tambores

African percussion workshop 

Eventual workshops for schools, youth centers, civic centers...


In our African percussion workshops they are developed through playful activities, representing the music and the instrument in a fully interactive game.


We divided the group into 3 or 4 sections that will recreate different percussive voices, each one playing different rhythmic cells.


We learn the rhythms that we are going to interpret through sung phrases, creating a song together through rhythmic games.


With this workshop we get to know and learn to play the djembe, we promote creativity, reinforce self-esteem and encourage teamwork.



  • Workshop aimed at children from 3 to 6 years old and from 7 to any age.

  • For groups from 8 to 25 students.

  • Focused on students of different rhythmic levels.

  • Workshop duration: between one and two hours.

  • The necessary instruments are provided by TocART .

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