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Body percussion workshop

Occasional for schools, community centers, civic centers...


A workshop where we will use our own body as an instrument. We perform different rhythms with our feet, thighs, breasts, hands... in a coordinated way and with their respective choreography, we will interpret rhythms such as funk, Latin rhythms... 

We will strengthen, in a playful way, our coordination and with our colleagues.

  • common games

  • listening development

  • Learning basic concepts (tempo, technique, rhythms...)

  • Play in a group

  • encourage improvisation


You just have to bring the desire to enjoy, we provide the rest!

Request information:

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  • Workshop aimed at children from 3 to 6 years old and from 7 to any age.

  • For groups from 8 to 25 students.

  • Focused on students of different rhythmic levels.

  • Workshop duration: between one and two hours.

  • The necessary instruments are provided by TocART .

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