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Percussion workshops 

Eventual workshops for schools, country houses, civic centers, private...


We learn to play different rhythms and instruments of Brazilian percussion culture such as samba reggae, baiao, samba enredo...

We divide the participants into different sections of instruments (surdos, agogós, tambourines...) and with an easy choreography and the sum of the simple rhythms of each section we create a total rhythm of the band, to which we add rhythmic phrases, thus creating a batucada song

In an orderly and didactic way, the participants will feel that they are part of a percussion group.​ 


We will learn rhythms like the rumba and create a song all together. We know part of the flamenco cajón technique, evolving the activity in a playful and dynamic way.

We promote group work, creativity and self-esteem, representing the music and the instrument in a fully interactive game.


We divided the participants into 3 or 4 sections that will recreate different percussive voices, each one playing different rhythmic cells. We learn the rhythms that we are going to interpret through sung phrases, creating a song together through rhythmic games.

With this workshop we get to know and learn to play the djembe, we promote creativity, reinforce self-esteem and encourage teamwork.


A workshop where we will use our own body as an instrument. We perform different rhythms with our feet, thighs, breasts, hands... in a coordinated manner and with their respective choreography, we will interpret rhythms such as funk, Latin rhythms...


A workshop where we will play different rhythms, reusing elements that we throw away to give them a second use as musical instruments. And once we have given a new value to these apparently useless objects, we will begin to make music with them.

With these 'new' 'reused' instruments we will make a percussion group, where we will play rhythms like funk, Brazilian samba, African rhythms...

We will give an alternative to the 'disposable' culture. Reinforcing the idea that leisure is not necessarily linked to consumption.


We will play the cajón, the shecker and the palmas, together with the trainer who will play the guitar. We build a rumba song all together, where the participants play different instruments and sing the choruses.

We learn some cajón, clapping and shecker rhythms and thus we can feel part of a musical group, without the need for prior knowledge.

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  • Directed workshop for children from 3 to 6 years old and from 7 to any age.

  • For groups from 8 to 25 students.

  • Focused on students of different rhythmic levels. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge.

  • Workshop duration: between an hour and an hour and a half.

  • The necessary instruments are provided by TocART.

  • With our workshops we promote the development of listening, coordination, work in a group, el tolearning basic concepts (tempo, technique, rhythms...), in a playful environment.

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