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Other workshops:

Dance Workshops

Eventual workshops for schools, country houses, civic centers, private...


A workshop where we will learn to dance traditional Mandingo and Sabar dance, mainly from Gambia and Senegal, thus transporting us to Sub-Saharan Africa.

We will work on the creativity of the group, creating a joint choreography that will be carried out at the end of the activity.

The sessions may be accompanied by percussionists (djembe, dun dun...) and melodic instruments (balafon, chora...).


Urban dances, also known as Street dance, cover different styles. In this workshop we will dance several of these, such as Hiphop, Ragga, Dancehall, Funk, Afrobeat... 
We will focus above all on group work and learning different urban styles, through choreography.

Dance, respect and creativity together with corporal expression are the basis of this activity, involving each and every one of the members of the group.


In this workshop we will work on traditional influences from the cultures of the Latin American and African continents.


We will carry out different dynamics such as dances, games, relaxation exercises and meditation. We propose to feel dance as an activity of expression and socialization, approaching other cultures through their folklore.

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  • It can be an eventual or continuous workshop.

  • Workshop aimed at children from 3 to 6 years old and from 7 to any age.

  • For groups from 8 to 25 students.

  • Focused at all levels (no prior knowledge is required)

  • Activity duration: between one and two hours.

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